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Due to our many years of experience we can call ourselves experts in the field of combustion technology. Extensive burner research and development in conjuction with many years of experience have resulted in a range of burners that have proven to be suitable for a wide variety of fuels and applications.

About us

Do you have a combustion-related question or are you searching for an appropriate solution for your indoor climate? De Jong thinks along with you. We are an industrial family business, specialized in environmental and energy technology. We have two product groups: HVAC installations and industrial burner systems. All our products reduce energy consumption and emissions. In the meantime our products increase efficiency. We serve clients around the globe from our offices in Schiedam, Zaandam, Hilversum and Delft.

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The GE-Mark-VI-E PLC is added to our portfolio

1 April 2020

“The GE-Mark-VI-E PLC was added to our portfolio last year” noted Arnold Groenendijk who is Electrical System Engineer at DJC/R&V. “Apart from this system we commonly deal with Siemens, Hima and Allen Bradley controllers”, Arnold proceeds. Burner Management Systems (BMS) are systems that safeguard and control the burner system. Safeguarding, purging, startup procedures and a […]

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De Jong Combustion/ R&V Engineering and the Corona Virus

14 March 2020

While the Coronavirus is spreading and our country is doing everything it can to contain it, we have taken all necessary measures at De Jong Combustion and R&V Engineering to continue to provide our customers with the service they are used to and expect from us. With due observance of all instructions from our government, […]

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Stand-by burner

14 February 2020

Often boilers needs to be designed for the hot-stand-by mode. Ideally, the released heat during this operation only compensates for energy losses. However, most burners cannot achieve that low a turndown firing rate. Therefore, R&V/DJC developed a simple and effective solution: the add-on stand-by-burner. The MG/TTL circular gas/oil duct burner of R&V/DJC operating in Fresh Air […]

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