De Jong Combustion and R&V Engineering design, engineer, develop, manufacture, commission and service an extensive range of tailor-made industrial burner systems. These complete burner systems include burner fuel trains (with gas pressure reducing station, fuel flow measurement, double-block-bleed), burner management systems (BMS), combustion air systems, flow distribution systems and related equipment. Our high-quality products meet the highest standards for industrial installations. Our product portfolio consists of:

  • Circular duct burners for supplementary or fresh air firing of gaseous and liquid fuels;
  • Grid duct burners for supplementary or fresh air firing of gaseous fuels;
  • Duct burners for process applications (e.g. air heating or flue gasses for DeNOx systems);
  • Low-NOx burners for firing gas-oil in fired / conventional boilers;
  • Gas/oil burners for utility boilers;
  • Burners for low caloric gases like Blast Furnace Gas;
  • Incinerators/oxidizers (such as for CO);
  • Start-up/load burners for Fluidized Bed;
  • Air (re-)heaters.

Working with De Jong Combustion and R&V Engineering ensures you of a smooth and reliable project execution and will bring you more than a reliable product that meets your technical requirements and delivery times. We are committed to providing the best customer support, service and team spirit to achieve the best possible result for our customers and end-users in terms of:

  • Optimizing combustion efficiency;
  • Meeting stringent emission criteria;
  • Maximizing reliability;
  • Maximizing availability;
  • Maximizing lifetime;
  • Maximizing safety;
  • Minimizing maintenance costs.

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