Circular type duct burners

Our circular type duct burner is gas and/or oil fired and designed for supplementary firing in exhaust gasses from a gas turbine, gas or diesel engine or other industry process flow. Its main function is to increase the temperature and consequently the steam output of a Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) or Waste Heat Recovery Unit (WRHU). This burner satisfies the need for variable steam demand e.g. between seasons of the year, between periods of the day (for peak shaving purposes) or between stages of the process.

Low maintenance cost

The circular type burner design, which is made up of stainless steel internals, stabilizers and high-grade stainless steel construction, is very robust and assures a long lifetime of the burner without requiring any maintenance.

Low emissions, high stability

The special shape of the burner throat and duct assures optimum stable combustion over the total range resulting in low emissions of NOx, CO and UHC’s.

Multiple fuels

The circular duct burner can accommodate several different fuel types by installing dedicated fuel headers and nozzles.

Fresh air firing

Circular type duct burners can be used as a backup system to continue HRSG operation when the turbine is stopped. In that case, fresh air from combustion air fans is routed to the duct.

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