Register burners

Our register burners fired on fuel gas and/or fuel oil are typically applied in direct-fired boilers.

Low maintenance cost

All burner parts exposed to direct flame radiation are manufactured from stainless steel and are therefore very robust and assures a long lifetime of the burner without requiring any maintenance.

Low emissions, high stability

In order to minimize NOx emissions, the burners make use of various proven techniques as combustion air staging, fuel staging, internal flue gas recirculation which have been fine-tuned during several projects. A stable flame is created with consequential low Carbon Monoxide and UHC emissions.

Multiple fuels

The register burners can accommodate several different fuel types by installing dedicated fuel headers and nozzles.


In order to optimize the burner flames regarding emissions and flame shape, during commissioning, the orientation of the gas spuds, the annulus/core air ratio and the swirl (if applicable) of the annulus air flow can be adjusted.


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