Extensive range of customized burners and auxilary equipment

Our customers are not only looking for reliable burner systems; they also want to be able to count on safe, sustainable and efficient solutions for their specific needs. De Jong Combustion and R&V Engineering offer an extensive range of burners and auxiliary equipment that we design and customize to your specific needs. We operate in a wide variety of worldwide markets, such as power, (petro) chemical, utility, processing, food, paper and other industry.

Experts in the field

Due to our many years of experience we can call ourselves experts in the field of combustion technology. Extensive burner research and development in conjuction with many years of experience have resulted in a range of burners that have proven to be suitable for a wide variety of fuels and applications.

Example of a combustion solution

For example, what if some processes require more steam than your unfired HRSG can supply? In that case we can offer you a supplementary firing system that raises the temperature of the flue gas and increases steam generation in the boiler. The supplementary firing system uses the oxygen in the flue gas as combustion air while minimizing harmful emissions. Another application of our burners is incineration, minimising emissions before process (waste) flows can be emitted of re-used. For direct-fired boilers different types of burners can be applied depending on the specific project demands and available fuels.

Constantly investing in development

Innovation is vital to our success. Our R&D Department is continuously working to develop new applications and improvements to ensure that we will continue to meet the different requirements of our customers and the changing environmental reguirements. In addition, our engineers strive to achieve the most cost effective solutions for the end-users by:

  • Optimising combustion efficiency;
  • Meeting stringent emission criteria;
  • Maximizing reliability.

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