The GE-Mark-VI-E PLC is added to our portfolio

“The GE-Mark-VI-E PLC was added to our portfolio last year” noted Arnold Groenendijk who is Electrical System Engineer at DJC/R&V. “Apart from this system we commonly deal with Siemens, Hima and Allen Bradley controllers”, Arnold proceeds.

Burner Management Systems (BMS) are systems that safeguard and control the burner system. Safeguarding, purging, startup procedures and a possible purge credit are all managed by this system.

The basis for the system are codes like NFPA-85, EN-12952, CSA-N149.3. But also a company philosophy plays an important role. This is all brought together and translated into a functional description which is used to design the application.

“In my role I have to step into the way of thinking of our Client”, Arnold explains, to add with enthusiasm: “That makes my work diversified and challenging at the same time. We deal with very different clients and work on different platforms.”

Often, these engineers visit sites for grass-root plant. Also, they modernize and future proof Clients existing systems.

“We are experts in implementing PLC’s and gained solid experience with combustion systems. That combination is what makes the difference.”, Arnold concludes.

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