Stand-by burner

Often boilers needs to be designed for the hot-stand-by mode. Ideally, the released heat during this operation only compensates for energy losses. However, most burners cannot achieve that low a turndown firing rate. Therefore, R&V/DJC developed a simple and effective solution: the add-on stand-by-burner.

The MG/TTL circular gas/oil duct burner of R&V/DJC operating in Fresh Air mode or conventional burner can be extended with a dedicated stand-by-burner for the exact required duty. The add-on stand-by-burner works on ratio, normally using only the available cooling air as combustion air supplied at a low pressure.

Regular burners have significant more capacity than needed during stand-by-mode.
Regular burners have more excess air than needed during stand-by-mode.
Whereas, our add-on stand-by-burner offers you LOW energy consumption and LOW Carbon Monoxide emissions!

The combustion air fan can even be switched off, during stand-by-mode.

In this way a significant amount of fuel and electrical energy can be saved.

The add-on stand-by-burner is available as a retrofit as well as it is available for new installations.

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