Shell Pearl GTL

With 18 duct burner installations De Jong Combustion contributed to Shell’s largest GTL plant in the world.


Name Shell Pearl GTL
Location Qatar
Design capacity 89 MW (TEG), 162 MW (FA)
Fuel type Natural gas + HOG
Burner Duct burner
Application TEG/AA
Boiler manufacturer Nooter Eriksen S.R.L.

Pearl GTL is a gas to liquid (GTL) project based in Ras Laffan, Qatar. It will convert natural gas into liquid petroleum products. It is the largest GTL plant in the world. De Jong Combustion provided 18 duct burner installations.

Our activities

The installation for the Shell Pearl project consists of:

  • Six gas turbine installations (GT), each feeding a heat recovery steam generator (HRSG);
  • Two HRSG’s that are auxiliary fired by using FA fans. These HRSG’s are provided with an SCR to maintain the guaranteed NOx emissions;

The GT fired HRSG’s and the FA fired HRSG’s are provided with two duct burners in series per HRSG.

Duct burner systems

The duct burner systems are used for supplementary firing with natural gas and various types of HOG gas or a mixture of these gases.

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